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Pickle question


I am a newbie to pickle. It was a rough year and my pickle pot dried
out. It is Rio Grands pickle. How do I handle a dried out pickle pot
that is granulated. Thanks.

Fill with hot water and allow it to dissolve - this may take a
while; then you may use or neutralize with baking soda and dispose
as you see fit.


Hi Sylvia,

Just put water in your pickle pot and turn it on. As it heats up the
crystals will dissolve back into solution.

Jerry Bartlemay

Unless the pot was heat damaged, just add water. If it was damaged,
put it in a bigger pot and add water. Neutralize and discard, then
start over. Rio will probably chime in. Look at the MSDS sheet for
further guidance. Rob

Hello Sylvia,

Call Rio and talk to their tech people. They will be helpful and
your conversation can quickly address hidden problems. For instance,
what do you meanby ‘granulated’? Could the pot be damaged from being
heated when dry?

Bummer that you have the problem to begin with. I use a power strip
for allthe electrical equipment on my bench. When done for the day,
it is simple to turn off the ‘master’ switch on the power strip - no
forgotten pickle pot! Because the Dazor lights are also on the
strip, when the lights are on, sois the switch.

May your new year be wonderful, Judy in Kansas - who will be
watching the University team play in their bowl game today.

HI Sylvia,

Just fill it back up with water when it’s cold. The only thing that
happened was the water boiled off. Fill it back up with water and
let it sit long enough to dissolve again, and you’re good. If you’re
feeling truly deluxe, use distilled water. But tap water will do
most places.


Add water to dissolve the crystals, you may need to heat it.