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Pickle laxative?

hello, everybody!

question, i would like to use citric pickle; however, the only
citric acid i can find in my local supermarket (or anywhere) is in a
laxitive. can i use this for pickle? or would it do something
horrible and weird to my jewelery? i’d like to get this figured out -
the guy in the pharmacy has started to pretend i’m not there when i
ask questions.

thank you,

I don’t know about the laxative, but I get my citric acid from a
supplier of soap making goods.

–Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry

Hello Susannah I wonder if the laxative might make stones fall out of
rings ? Seriously now citric acid
(2-hydrox-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylic acid) should be available from
almost any supermarket.The laxative most likely would be to low in
citric to be effective . Its uses include…

Preparation of citrates, flavouring extracts, confections, soft
drinks, effervescent salts; acidifier, dispersing agent; medicines;
acidulant and antioxidant in foods, sequestering agent,
water-conditioning agent and detergent builder; cleaning and
polishing stainless steel and other metals; alkyd resins; mordant;
removal of sulphur dioxide from smelter waste gases, abscission of
citrus fruit in harvesting; cultured dairy products. I would recomend
using tecnical quality if you can find it. I assume you are based in
the UK , you may have to just get on the phone and call chemical
supply houses and specialist cooking suppliers until you find some.
Good luck .PHIL

susannah said that she could not find citric acid to use as a
pickle. susannah, look for citric acid in the canning section of a
large grocery store. you know, where they have all the supplies and
equipment. i found mine in a us store called anderson’s general
store. i have no idea how many anderson’s there are out there.

there were also some messages in orchid in the past that mentioned
suppliers. look in the orchid achieves.

green jean

Try this site: Then click on
product quick list or do a search. They sell the citric acid by the

Diane Sadel