Pickeling after soldering stainless steel?

Hello everyone!
After I solder pieces of stainless steel for jewelry together. Should I and does it help to pickle. I would use brand new pickle solution. Also what type of tongs should I use stainless or copper. I don’t want my stainless steel piece to take on a copper coating

Thanks for everyone’s help and suggestions.


I’ve soldered stainless to gold and on other occasions to shakudo and put the jobs into pickle without any copper flash plating. I might’ve been using a different stainless steel alloy - they’re not all ‘stainless’, some will resist rusting until it’s been heated, others are made to be ‘stainless’ in sea water.
I have an excellent pair of stainless steel tongs I use for reaching into hot pickle with no copper goings on. Anyway I understood it was iron that does the copper plating on stg etc. F’rinstance binding wire… I must remove that before pickling.

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