Thanks for reply Ken Sanders G.G. I printed it so I can refer to
it. Great I still do not believe that a vacuum
caster creates a vacuum in the flasks. It does not. It can not on
a $800.00 table top casting machine. If you have one of those
$10,000.00 to $60,000.00 casters, they do! I think gravity even
has more to do with vacuum casting with large amounts of silver
or gold.

I do use the bell jar on top of the cast to create more
"suction" when you turn the caster to cast.

I also agree with you about the gold. I have always said that I
am a silver caster and only do gold occasionally. So I really
appriecaite the gold info. I do have a regret. Before I jumped in
here! I really should have asked these questions first. What kind
of metal are you going to cast? How many pieces per day, per
week, per month, or per year do you want to cast? Are you doing
casting for a hobby or for a profession?

These questions are probably more important than the process.

Thanks again to the entire list. No Flames, just great
discussion and imput.

For those beginners, I have had a good response to the steam
casting article so I am going to continue them, once a week.

Don Norris
PO Box 2433 Estes Park, CO 80517