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Photos on Orchid,Doug!

Hi Doug,

   I`am a freelance Jewelry designer & also a  freelance home

page designer,Doug,are you still looking for someone to build up your
home page? maybe i can help ! just looking at some of my home pages,

and one of my customer home page,

please let me know if you would like me to design for you,the charge can
not “killing you”


Thanks for the visit to your sites. Our firm which sprang out of a
regional architectural business actually creates and host sites in
Phoenix, AZ. We do a lot of large-scale corporate projects when it comes
to design and we host small and large accounts world-wide. In fact, we
host sites for Alan Revere, Charles Lewton-Brain, Dee Fontans as well as
other well-known jewelers.We are also currently designing a new site for
the Revere Academy which should be on line in a few weeks.We might be able
to send you some clients, though. Can you send more directly
to my Email? I would be happy to discuss this with you further.


Doug Sperr