[Photography] Sony Mavica

For those that are interested I have created a matrix of camera
verse features for the Mavica and the Coolpix. It’s at
artsights.com - artsights Resources and Information.. If anyone has more data on
these cameras or on another camera, please send it to me and I
will include it.

George Hebner

I wish to augment my last post. I am having trouble
understanding what different pieces of Sony literature mean. The
Mavica cookbook lists 3 power methods:

1. Lithium btry
2. Ac power adapter ac-vq800
3. DC power adapter dc-vq800

When you use the camera for along period of time we recommend
you power the camera from a wall outlet with the Ac power

A guide to Mavica accessories calls These: Ac-vq800 ($150) Power
supply quick charger ( but looks like maybe just a quick
charger??) Dc-vq800 ($150) same comments as for ac adapter
charger. Bc-v615 ($60) standard item supplied with camera.

I would want to SEE one of the adapter chargers before leting
loose of $150. Jesse

The line adapters for the Mavica aRe: AC Sony Part# Ac-VQ800
DC Sony Part# DC-VQ800 (I assume this is 12 v dc)
Probably have to get special order or thru New York photo
catalog Dealer.

I don’t think much of computer magazine reviews - I have had too
much trouble with stuff that has had supper reviews… Advertizing
RULES. The film cameras I use are all Nikon. My Sony Electronics
have all given perfect service. I liked the Mavica in spite of
the resolution. Jesse