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Photography booth for under $100.00

In my never ending search for the perfect photo booth, I’ve now hit
on something that I’d like to recommend for those looking for a
lighting set up for under $100.00.

I posted here a while ago about the Patterson medium “cocoon” that I
bought. it works fine, though it is a bit annoying to set up, but
it turned out to be too small for my needs.

My newest toy is the light tent, which is larger. You can see it at
the B & H Photo website. I’d put in a link, but their website isn’t
working right this second.

Anyway, it’s $44.00. I’m using my copy stand lights, previously
posted a picture.

For lights: flip lights with day light bulbs from Rio Grande.
They’re like Ott Lights, but cost less. About $19.99 each, get two.

Now you’re up to about $84.00, add shipping and you’re still under

Pretty cool, huh? I haven’t tested this exact set up, so you’re on
your own there, but similar set ups are sold by other companies.

It’s potential portable, and small enough to leave set up in a
corner of a room or in the basement.

Even though this set up may not give you jury slides, we all need
an easy to use set up so that we can at least document work before
it goes out the door.

Usual disclaimer.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay