[Photography] About Digital Photography

Hi Hap, Was a professional photographer for nearly forty years
and I have to disagree with you. Digital photography is there!
The quality is so good that a lot of the professional portrait
studios have switch from conventional to digital. Today, in a
professional studio, customers can see the finished product of
one of their settings on a 17 inch monitor and select the pose,
lighting, and smile they like. And if Uncle Harry has a wrinkle
on his suit, they can remove it immediately! If Aunt Bertha has
bags under her eyes…they’re gone!!!

For jewelry of course, you would want the highest resolution
(dpi) and micro attachments, or built in capability for extreme
close ups. The advantages are many! To see your image
immediately, monitor the lighting that best displays your
creation, and crop to your satisfaction is superb.

Today digital images are a must for web pages…and even for
magazines, brochures and ads. Commercial color printers, if they
are in tune with the rest of the world, can insert your digital
image into their layout on a computer and perform color
separations in a flash…so digital imaging has arrived! It is
not necessary to wait any longer when you can take advantage of
this unique technology, today. Ron