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Photographing Slides - Photo CD etc

Karla, the cheapest way to get your slides into your computer in
large batches is to use the Kodak PhotoCD process. They will charge
you about a dollar per slide, but you will get a high resolution scan
burned right on to a permanent CD, with no labor on your part. It’s
high quality enough that you could still print brochures and such from
these digital photos. A place here in the Southern Cal LA area called
"ProLab" does it. Also a company in Santa Monica called “Miller
Imaging”. Just check the Yeller Pages under Photo Labs if you aren’t
close to them.

Your other option is to simply put the slides on a lightbox and shoot
them up close, or get one of those light boxes with a small screen,
and shoot that. Available at photo supply stores, like Samy’s camera
in L.A. or Venice, these are often used for converting slides to
video tape. Don’t use your flash, and set your optical zoom at

Have Fun!
Andrew Horn
Fiodh Furniture Company