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Photographing earrings

I just tested out a cool new gizmo from Cloud Dome designed
specifically for photographing earrings. It’s called the CD-DEAR and
it can be used not just for earrings, but for other small pieces you
want to suspend while photographing. It comes with a mirror to bounce
off the light or shoot into the mirror, has backgrounds, too. I
tested it with their new small Cloud Dome (Nimbus) that is designed
to hold a smart phone steady while you shoot. My small digital camera
fits into it just fine. I have the large Cloud Dome and a white tent.
This thing is much smaller and portable, which is a big plus for me.

No connection to Cloud Dome, just like their new products! They are
busy updating their website but I found it under “New Products” on
their facebook page.

Karen Tweedie