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Photographers in San Antonio/Austin area

Dear Everybody, i need a recommendation on a photographer to take
pictures of my pieces. I need someone who knows what he/she is
doing, because i only have enough money to do it right the first
time. there aren’t funds for “shopping around.”

i have been victimized in the past by photographers who agreed to
photograph my jewelry, and then didn’t do a good job. the jewelry
was perfectly centered in the photo (a plus) but the pieces were
surrounded by a vast sea of boring background. another time, the
goal of the photographer was to get a bright flash off of the metal,
obscuring stone, pattern, color, everything. (people just assume as
a given, don’t they, that the metal is “shiney”?) overexposure has
also been a problem. these guys didn’t listen to me about what i
wanted - they would get excited about photographing jewelry and get

Please please please please please there has to be somebody in texas
who knows a good photographer i can hire. preferably within four
hours of San Antonio (that gets me to Corpus Christi and Austin;
Dallas and Houston-if i’m dodging radar). Louisiana, Arkansas, and
Oklahoma are closer to me than Amarillo and El Paso-please keep this
in mind. Hopefully, though, there should be somebody closer than

I am a horrible photographer. My pictures always have to be labeled
so that people know what they are pictures of. and anyway, i’m a

Thank you all- you’re a Godsend on any day,

I’ve used Amy O 'Connell…She’s here on Orchid…Loved her
work…My pieces look fantastic under her care. I sent them to her
and she sent them right back…Very fast very good and I highly
recommend her. She is in Ca. but I’m in NY and wouldn’t have gotten
my pieces back as fast if I’d used someone next door!

Susannah Just something for you to consider.

Last week I joined my local photographic club and met many competent
photographic enthusiasts there. One of the services they offered
was a free modelling service which gave members a chance to use their
many talents - you just paid for film and processing Perhaps you
could check out your local clubs and see what they could offer you?

Alan Lewis

Susannah: contact me offline and I will recommend at least three
photographers here in Houston. Also I need to know more about what it
is you need the photos for. Advertising, documentation, or show
slides. Also what is your budget and how many pieces do you need
photographed?. Frank Goss @frank_goss1 713-861-0706

I wouldn’t limit myself to a local photographer. It’s easy enough
to pack it up and mail it to a pro. I reccomend Steve Melzter, in

Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Certified PMC Instructor