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Photoetching needed

Hello all,

I am looking to find someone in the group who does photoetching for

I have a client who needs to have some photoetching done in silver
plates about 39 x 31 mm x18 gauge thick. He needs to have 8 of them
done alike, with a family crest and lettering/numbers as borders. I
have done the graphics for him in Corel Draw, so, if you can work
with Corel files, there is no art work necessary beyond creating the
transfer. ( I can convert the file to a bitmap for emailing it out,
but jpeg changes the lettering too much to be acceptable.)

If you do this type of work, or know of anyone who does, please
contact me on (or off) list and I’ll relay the to
him…my client is currently in Italy studying jewelry design in
Florence so US or Italian responders are both welcome.

Thank you in advance!

Paul D. Reilly
The Paul Reilly Company
4308 Driftwood Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado� 80918
Phone: 719-598-9307�� Fax: 719-592-0794
Email: @Paul_D_Reilly1

why photoetching? Milling works so much better.

You may want to try

International Etching
7 Ninigret Avenue
Providence, RI 02907
401-781-6800 * 800-327-9924 * Fax: 401-781-6813