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Photoetching/die forming

I’m interested in on photoetching. What I have right
now is pages 40 and 41 from Tim McCreight’s Complete Metalsmith.
I tried his low-tech Xerox method and it worked pretty well.
Anything else that’s higher tech but less toxic? Also, has
anyone out there tried forging using forms made from that liquid
steel putty? Is such a thing possible?

Chris Weston

i tried making a press mold for a hydraulic press using the
epoxy liquid steel only once. i found the material sturdy and
usable but brittle. i also ran into a problem with release
agents when making the second half (male half) of the mold and
would suggest a heavy release agent such as vasoline as opposed
a to light one such as spray release. my two halfs stuck
together. also i would recommend a fibourous binder such as
chopped fiberglass (beware of health hasazards) or sisal to help
brittleness. the stuff also seems very expensive so start with
small items till you work out the bugs. good luck and let us
know how you do i’m sure more info will follow. Frank