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Photoetching...Book in Progress

Fellow Orchidians!

As you know, there has been substantial interest in the field of
photoetching. I have finally decided to write a book and welcome your
techniques, tips, protocols, etc. Photoetching has been a love of mine
and I have taught many workshops on the subject. It has become time I
think to have all these wonderful tips I have been reading and sharing
for the past couple of years in one comprehensive reference. I have
spoken with a literary agent who has encouraged and guided me to go
ahead with my project.

I wouldn’t have even thought of doing a project like this if it
weren’t for Orchid, so thanks again Hunaman!

If you are interested in contributing, please email me off line. You
will of course get full credit if your work is used in the book.

I am looking for the following:

Silver etching
Copper and Brass etching
Gold etching
Steel etching
Commercial Etching
Image-On product
Different transfer mediums, PnP, photocopy transfer acetate, laser paper
Photos of any work you have done
Any thing else you can think of!

I look forward to hearing from you. When responding, please put
Photoetching Book in the subject line.