Photo Seminar

I should have thought sooner to post on Orchid that I will be
presenting a seminar for the Michigan Guild this coming
Wednesday on “How to Take Good Slides of Your Artwork.” You may
still be able to get in. Call the Michigan Guild at
734-662-3382 if you are interested. If is at the Guild
headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI. I will be going into all types
of art. There are already some jewelers signed up so I am sure
we will be getting into jewelry photography. There are also
other good seminars if you are doing shows that would be very
helpful. One called “Good Slides, Bad Slides” will go into the
quality of jury slides. Another is “Hitting the Bull’s Eye:
How to Target Your Market” about ID-ing markets and galleries
for your work. They start on Tuesday, April 20th.