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[Philadelphia] Jewelry Attractions

Hello everyone, As always, much thanks to great posts from everyone
in this wonderful community. I will be visiting Philadelphia at the
end of this month and was wondering if anyone can suggest a couple
of galleries (jewelry related and others as well) that I should stop
in and see.l Thanks, Mia


There are a number of places to see jewelry in Philadelphia. Visit
the Wexler Gallery in Old City. Also the Snyderman-Works Gallery
around the corner from Wexler. Wexler has pieces from the Helen
Drutt Collection as well as other regular artists. The lower level
of Snyderman has a number of jewelers and metal artists on display.
Ask to see the drawers of jewelry below the display cases. They
will be happy to assist you, and there is plenty to see! You can
look up both galleries on the web for directions and more details on
their current exhibits. Lots of good eating and sights in historic
Old City Philadelphia as well.

If you want a taste of ancient history, visit the Museum of
Archeology and Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. This
is a gem of a museum with fabulous permanent collections of jewelry
and metal work. The current exhibit is Treasures from the Royal
Tombs of Ur. Amazing jewelry and decorative pieces in gold and
more. Check their website for direction and details.

Enjoy our of ‘City of Brotherly Love’!

Margery F. Cooper
Jewelry and Judaica