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Phenolic Dowels

Howdy, Dose anyone know where I can buy phenolic dowel rods? I
can’t find a sorce anywhere, most people look at me like I’m
crazy when I tell them what I want. I have not found one person
who know what it is, even in the jewlery supply places. thanks in
advance jerry

MSC Industrial Supply 800-645-7270 carries all sorts of
Phenolic, teflon, plastics, you name it… Call and ask for their
catalog  Over 3000 pages of everything you would ever need
in machinery and tools…


I suggest you call Small Parts Inc. at 800/220-4242. They may
have phenolic dowels.


Hi Jerry,

 Dose anyone know where I can buy phenolic dowel rods?<<

Try MSC Industrial Supply, 800-645-7270. Their catalog lists 7
different types of phenolic rods in 4 ft lengths fr om 0.250-
4.00" dia. Prices range from $2.96 - $632.44/4ft depending on
size & type of phenolic. MSC is a good co to do business with. No
connection, just a satisfied customer.


It’s been awhile since I heard about phenolic. When I worked at
Honeywell Avionics we use it in some of our tooling.I would
think maybe a machine shop or electronics supply house might be
able to help. What are you gonna use ut for?

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

Jerry, et. al.,

If you’re looking for phenolic material specifically to use with
diamond compound for polishing stone carvings, there are several
phenolic polishing points (designed for flex shafts) available
from: Crystalite Corp., 800-777-2894. Good Luck.