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Pfingst W&H hand piece

Greetings All,

I have a Pfingst W&H hand piece, made in Austria, for use with 3/32
diameter shanks. It uses a pull the sections of the hand piece to
tighten up on the shank. It never worked quite right and always
loosens up on the bit shank. I run it with a 10,000 rpm motor and flex

Does anyone know how to adjust this hand piece, or where? Thanks, Bill
in Vista

Send the handpiece to the Company Pfingst is located in New Jersey
Phone # 908 561 6400 Best of luck Kenneth

Bill: Send the hand piece here. We are Pfingst distributors and can
help you.

Mike & Dale
Now the Pfingst fixers
Lone Star Technical Services
18415 Fifth Street
San Antonio, TX 78266

Can you give me a description of the pfingst handpiece? Cary