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Hi, I am trying to get info on Pewter. I have tried Corning
rubber, Kerr vel-mix with little success. The Rubber is good for
small items, and the vel-mix has been of little success. This
gypsum, or is it all gypsum products don’t seem to be able to
keep the edges when used for a split mould. Each mould I created
chipped at the edge, creating flashing when used a second time.
This is the problem. Not to sound cheap but I would like to get
more than one pour from a ceramic mould. I was wondering if I
could use a bronze master as a core and a ceramic exterior,
would it stop or lessen the other problem, that of the metal
freezing partway down the mould. Naturally I get to the end to
tell you what I am trying to create. I am trying to use Pewter
for wine goblets and attaching a fancy wooden base. I have
probably left out and lot of info, so could you or someone email
me with questions and or directions.

Thank you for your time


Have you tried the round, black, silicone rubber molds used in
the costume jewelry and pewter industries? Contenti Company in
Rhode Island sells these molds in various types of rubber,
depending on the application. The molds are made to cast several
copies or several objects at the same time, and are used with a
spin-cast machine (the mold is placed inside the machine flat and
spun while molten pewter/white metal is poured in a large hole
in the center of the mold and is spun out to fill the cavities).
I would imagine you can use this rubber to make regular pour-in
molds too, but I don’t know to what success. Contenti also sells
a lot of other white metal supplies. And if what I said hasn’t
helped, they might be able to answer your question better. Their
info is:

The Contenti Company
123 Stewart Street
Providence, RI 02903



There are MANY high temp “silicon” direct pour molding rubbers
available, not just Corning (I assume you are using a high temp
silicon in this reference). Metal freezing might be corrected by
a different spruing design. Also what alloy of pewter are you
using? How is your temperature regulation or the molten metal?
Are you gravity pouring or centrifical? Have you considered
having the castings done by a house specalizing in pewter
castings? They have already worked out the bugs you are dealing

I like to do as much of my own work as possible so I understand
if you are not willing to go to an outside caster. But temp
control and alloy would be 2 areas I would be concerned with. I
would question the use of a brone mold, especially in
combination with plaster exterior, why go to these lengths?
Talk with a pewter casting house and see what they might
recommend. Not knowing the size of the piece you are working
with makes some discussion areas difficult, but spin casting is
used extensively for pewter but so is gravity casting other
factors are in place.

Where are you?

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