I am interested in securing imprinted pewter crimps, or finding very
small diameter pewter strings to create coils to finish off some of
my leather cord loops. Does anyone have a source for raw pewter
that I might contact. Any help in sourcing this material would be
greatly appreciated.

Razine M. Wenneker, Manager
Ellie Rose LINK-ABLE Designs, L.L.C.
Email: @Razine_Wenneker1

Hi Razine, Contenti Jewelry Supply in Rhode
Island carries pewter wire. But pewter is a very soft metal and not
really recommended to use in thin gauges. Very thin wire and thin
pewter crimps may not be strong enough to hold up for very long in a
piece of jewelry. In the costume jewelry industry where most jewelry
is made of casted and plated white metal (pewter), crimps and thin
wire components are made of plated steel or brass.


Hi Razine; The only source I know of off hand for pewter is
Contenti. Here’s a web site.

David L. Huffman

Dear Razine, I have only participated in group orders but Lehigh
metals is the company most people I know use. You may want to cast
end caps. Pewter softens the more you work it but cast pewter is
still nice and hard. One of my favorite sources for casting pewter
are thrift stores. People get rid of nice mug and plates,
especially if they are engraved. They are far cheaper than going to
a refiner.