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Pewter / soldering pin backs


I’m thinking about offering a small line in pewter and am
interested in knowing if anyone is familiar with a sparky-like
welder which can solder pin back, tacs and earring posts (onto
the pewter). I know they can be soldered in a kiln but have been
told this is not very dependable. Thanks again



The fusion welding does not work on alloys with lead content- but you
could cast a metal fixture (stainless?) into the pewter piece and fuse to

Years ago my brother and I made pewter inserts that were placed in silicon
rubber pie plate molds, and had thermosetting plastic casting resin cast
around them. Nice pieces, too expensive for the company’s line, however.

Rick Hamilton
Richard D Hamilton, Jr.


There are special back made to put on white metal castings. They have a
hole in the center which is fitted over a post which is part of the white
metal or pewter casting. The post is then flattened down spreading it.
There are some variations of this, but it is the basic theme.

Jeffrey Everett


Hi Judie, long time no see.

I have used a Sparkie welder for years. However I have not used
any findings on pewter. Your best bet would be to contact the
folks at Triad (Royal Findings). This is the company that
developed and manufactured the Sparkie. Their number is
508-222-8173. They can tell you what can and cannot be done. I do
believe their findings work on pewter. I believe they would be
willing to do a sample for you. Nice folks.

Say Hi to Richard for me.

Kenneth Gastineau