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Pewter RTV mold rubber?


Hi All, I was wondering if someone could suggest a good RTV rubber
for white metal (pewter) casting. I’m casting detailed belt buckles
and need a rubber that can hold up to production and the heat
involved in pewter casting. I’ve been using some RTV from Tekcast and
it’s not too bad but, I’m looking to try other RTV rubbers so I have
something to compare quality and price to. So any suggestions would
be great. Thanks alot for any help you may provide~~John Guenther


Dear John,

The Tekcast company is a great “Made in America” company. Everything
still made right there. I bought a used spin caster made about twenty
years ago and it still works great. In New York a couple of years ago
they gave me a great tour even though I only had a used machine that
I didn’t even buy from them. They are a great source of technical
They sell the Dow Corning Silastic brand which I still
feel is the best silicone on the market. I would use their
recommendation for what to use for casting. You could ask them about
the comparison between the liquid and gum rubber mold material. I
just cast plastic with my machine so I don’t know as much about
pewter casting. Tekcast is a great source though.

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson