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Pewter Casting

There is a 250 page book on Pewter Casting. Call (732) 872-7714 and
ask for “The Complete Book of Centrifugal Casting” Cost $19.95

Dear orchid communities, I am currently working on some belt buckles
for a customer and have decided to cast them in pewter using a rubber
mold. I have never worked with pewter before and I am looking for
some helpful tips.

Thank You,

Les Brown
L.F.Brown Goldwork, Inc.
432 E. Idaho #C166
Kalispell, MT 59901


Try calling Don Johnson of Eaton-Turner Jewlry in Helena, Montana.
(406-442-1940) He runs a pewter casting business separate from his
jewelry store and does all sorts of white metal casting using the
spin casting technique. He’s very reasonable on his pricing…much
less than the experiments would cost� you in time if you don’t have
the proper equiptment. �

Paul D. Reilly
The Paul Reilly Company
4308 Driftwood Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado� 80918
Phone: 719-598-9307�� Fax: 719-592-0794
Email: @Paul_D_Reilly1

A warning that you may not need. When making a buckle with a
stationary tab for the belt hole, women buckle the reverse of men.
Left handed men buckle like women . Left handed women buckle like
men. All bets off if they are ambi- dexterous. Above learned at
great cost.

Bill from L.I.

Have now been using Caltaldo’s Quick-Sil and could not be happier
with the results. I obtained a sample of Quick-Sil after a posting
on this list. Yesterday, used some Amaco’s rubber latex and I’m
still waiting for it to cure and harden. Although I’ve had good
results though from Amaco too. Regards, Mark

I have a question about pewter casting. I have a decent amount of
small pieces I want cast in both silver and pewter. I don’t want to
do it myself because the time it would take me to cast all of these
small items wouldnt be cost effective when I have other things I need
to get done. The casting companies I’m familiar with such as BestCast
don’t cast in the metals I want to use. Does anyone know any casters
that would be willing to do 30-100 of the same small items in both
silver and pewter, or have any suggestions on what to do about this

A. L. Prusinski

I just closed my pewter shop about a year ago but I will tell you
that the set up costs to make a mold for a hundred pieces would be
alittle bit expensive unless you were going to order about 100
pieces a month or they would have to charge you quite a bit for each
piece to make a small run worth thier time.

What do these pieces look like? flat “coin-like” or 3D figurines or?
and how much do they weigh?


Hello Amy,

I can recommend Racecar Jewelery

Excellent work and very helpful with answering questions. An
Orchidian as well.

Judy in Kansas

Company in Rhode Island name A M Schaler She does SS,KT and Pewter

Hope this help