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Pewter carving

I’m sure i must have mentioned it. That peweter is very enjoyable
to carve with flex shaft and carbibe burs. It is composed of 100%
tin these days, no lead!! Rules of thumb:1 don’t let the bur
chatter or you will break the cutters,2 keep the flutes clean with
a brass pin, point, pick it out,3 ventilate or wear mask.
Certainly makes some nice models, except that you can’t see through
it like wax,dp

Check the alloy that is being used to make whatever pewter you may
decide to carve. Yes, some do still contain lead. Any business
that sells pewter for casting will be able to tell you the component
metals. (If it were all tin, like as has been suggested, it would
be called “tin”, not pewter.)

Safety is a good thing.