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Peru gems

I am in Peru and want to know who to get in touch with to buy local
I will be in Ollantaytambo on May 10-11 then to Machu
Pichu May 11-12 then Cuzco May 14-17. Anyone who might know someone
I can buy from in these locations would be great.

I will send you my partners phone so you can call him His name is
Marcel Ryzenberg If yoru looking for blue opal or pink opal high end
rough or cut we are the only source You will find no blue opal in
Peru Its nto being mined and good premium pink opal is non existant
in Peru as China has bougth largets mine anbd two mines are with
holding production of pink opal We can supply also beads in blue or
pink opal as well It is why you wiull not see We also have
chryscolla, ortiz rhodcrosite, blue aragonite and much more. Do you
seek rough, cut, beads,.925 sterling or alpaca, etc You can email
Marcel Ryzenberg at mryzenberg at with your phone in Peru
or way to contcat you

Lee Horowitz
Gemologist Peru Blue Opal Ltd