Personnel makers mark

Can anyone recommend or direct me to a company who make personnel
makers stamps for jewelry.

I did engrave a relief stamp when I was a younger man :slight_smile: that I
still use today but I need something that requires a light tap with a
hammer with the back ground not in relief.


To Brendan Tibbs
Infinity Stamps does good work for all kinds of stamps.


Hello Brendan, A company named MICROSTAMP makes an excellent

Have fun.
Tom Arnold

There are seval companies that do this. Here are a few:

Hope this helps. If you need to, google “custom jewelers stamp” and a
host of sites come up.


The Microstamp site says: “Pricing is calculated by the intricacy of
your image. The more complicated the image, the longer it takes our
craftsmen to cut it into the stamp, thus, the simpler the image, the
lower the cost.”

Are these still being cut by hand??


We all hope so…chances are what they are charging for is the time
to set up the file, adjust it and tool at a very, very slow rate.
Still, I hope that there are still people who can cut a steel stamp
by hand better than a machine.

Jamie Mclandsborough
JA Certified Bench Jeweler
GIA Jewelry Professional

Try Infinity Stamps, Janetb — I’m very happy withthe stamp they
made for me. Barbara