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Personal Jewelry

How many of the Orchid group have "personal" jewelry? 

Like most of you whose postings I’ve read, I have very little. In
fact, none of the pieces I’ve made in the last several years are in my
personal collection. I kept the first project I ever made in class
(an inlaid silver ring), the first piece I ever cast (a silver pin)
and a little silver stickpin that I like to wear. The funny thing is
that I don’t wear rings, I seldom work in silver any more and I never
work in wax.

In my earlier jewelry-making days, I apprenticed for a year with an
accomplished goldsmith and one day I commented to him that it was
painful having to part with my “babies” � my latest creations. He
said something like, “Don’t be silly. You can always make a new piece
and you need to eat.”

So now, when I make a piece I really like, I keep it long enough to
wear it once or twice and get a good slide of it … and then I kiss
it goodbye and hope it goes to a good home!


I have to weigh in on the Personal Jewelry thread. I’ve made a point
in the last 5 years to buy a piece of “jewelry art” about once a year,
usually in silver or silver and gold mixed. Right now that is in my
price range but it would be fun to be able to buy a large hand cut
stone in 18k or 22k with granulation (drool drool) excuse me while I
towel off my keyboard here. If I ever win the lottery (which I won’t
cause I’m too lazy and cheap to buy a ticket) I would open a gallery
of jewelry artists and buy and collect pieces from all my favorite
artists. Quite a few of you Orchid people are on my list here. I think
we should all be putting the fun of collecting and wearing the pieces
out in public more. I have to be truthful and admit that I’m a mole in
my basement shop for the most part but once or twice a year when I get
out I wear some jewelry art and feel really elegant. I intend to try
more often to wear pieces and promote the buying and collecting of
wearable art. Annette