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Perfect combination of top notch jewelry work?

What’s the perfect combination of top notch jewelry work?

Not that I get to decide, but I do get to make suggestions at a
place. I’ve been pondering, what makes a good collection of

Who’s doing the coolest work right now?

Who are the “must-include” types, the big “names” in contemporary
crafts these days? I feel like maybe I used to know that, but I’m
not sure I have the most current info.

I was thinking, well, you’d want a range of techniques, right? Some
artists are super with stones, for others its all about the metal.

What types of techniques would you want to see represented in this
imaginary gallery with this ideal and best representation of the
best metalwork being done the world right now?



Hi Elaine,

I’d like to see jewelry that is designed to be worn and is safe to
wear. I don’t see much like that at artistic awards shows.

Don Meixner

great question!! I don’t know much, but any dream gallery of mine
would have to include work by Todd Reed and also Dan Telleen of
Karats in Vail, CO.

Looking forward to learning of others.

Sam Kaffine
Sterling Bliss, llc

Wallace Chan comes to my mind.


Hans’ marvelous work with gems and titanium has to be included. Judy
in Kansas


Heinrich always springs to mind for me. I love her work.