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Pepe mills


Dear Orchidians, I purchased a Pepe combo mill from Tevel at
Allcraft last year after the much more expensive one I bought from
Contenti broke. The Contenti one had some sort of gear ratio thing
as opposed to the Pepe which is more direct gearing down. I don’t
really know the mechanics behind it so can’t explain it properly.
Also with the Contenti model in order to use the square wire rollers
it required a complete disassembly of the mill which to a mechanical
idiot like myself looked absolutely impossible. I have used my Pepe
with great results and am Very happy with it. Call Tevel and ask him
for one at Allcraft in NYC.

all the best,
Mark Sanne
Aurea Jewels
16 McGuirk St.
East Hampton, NY 11937