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Pen for marking on metal


Hey all, regarding all the discussion about glue sticks, labels,
etc., I recently “discovered” (a student told me about it) a fine
point marker pen that writes on metal and doesn’t rub off easily.
Now I can draw my design directly on pre-polished metal. If you let
it dry for a couple seconds, it is remarkably durable and rubs off
only with effort. It cleans up readily with acetone. I’ve only
found it at an art supply store, so don’t bother with office supply
stores. Sterling Art Supply in Irvine, here in Southern California
carries it. I’m told that it’s a pen that was used for marking on
mylar back in the days of overhead projectors. This miracle pen is

PILOT ultra fine point permanent type NO XYLENE SCA-UF

It costs $1.59, I seem to recall. Give it a try!

Bill Gallagher


Sandra Goss turned me onto Staedler Red Permanent pens. They are a
little more expensive, but I can even use them as an resist for
etching. Good stuff.


My favorite pen for marking on metal is a “CD Labeling Pen” that you
can get from Staples or any computer supply store. It’s made for
labeling CDs and comes in a nice fine point, dries instantly with no
smudging and is permanent (doesn’t mind getting wet at all!). My
latest one is (don’t laugh) “Smart and Friendly” brand CD Speed
Marker (

Have fun!
Karen Goeller

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“THE” pen for me is a Pilot…permanent marker. I used it for more
than ten years. Comes in Black, Blue and Red. It used to be sold as a
photographic marker, and I found it in better stationary stores. Now
I special order them from a stationer…Pilot SCA UF, ultra fine
point - permanent…NO XYLENE ( whatever that means) This is a
magnificent pen for marking on metal and I wouln’t consider wasting
my money on any thing else. Love it! Mary Ann Archer Designs