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All, Often I run into valuable items with no accompanying
documentation. As in the case of the pearls posted recently it
would definitely help establish the value if the piece had an
accompanying identification certificate, sales slip, and ownership
trail. A pedigree. Modern techniques could be used to further
identify and establish the value of the piece. All the paper
collected with the piece helps an appraiser arrive at a closer
evaluation of the piece. Whenever I get involved with items in the
$10,000+ range the paper work becomes very important.

For those of us that create valuable jewelry pieces think about the
future impact of documentation completed during the manufacturing of
the piece. Small items of knowledge are very valuable. Knowledge
such as the techniques used to make the jewelry, who designed it,
who sold it, who made it, where the stones came from, who cut them,
what cut, etc. Once the piece leaves the craftsperson the knowledge
is lost unless documented. Most customers do not realize the value
of the pedigree until years later when it is time to pass the piece

Gerry Galarneau