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Pearls Purchases - What time of the Year!

Over the past 18 months I have been causally purchasing both fresh
and salt water pearls. I believe I have observed a price difference,
not only from year to year, but more importantly from quarter to
quarter during a year. I attend a wholesale show in Jan, May, Oct
each year. It seems to me that prices are higher during Oct. during
the year as well as more available…

Does this make any sense? … if so, why?

Jim C

We have been handling Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearls over 50 years
and these prices are stable particularly in fine quality. Therefore we
can supply to customer with confidence and have been in this business
for long time.

Actually we are selling fresh water to our domestic too, however
these prices are not stable and we are afraid to have stock of them.

Recently something is happened to Tahitian Black Pearl too.

Regards, Yasu Matsuda
e-mail: @kobe-precious-pearl