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Pearl suppliers

Hello, Just wanted to say thanks to everybody who takes the time to
post messages on this board. I even read the technical questions and
answers that are way over my head because little by little I find
myself learning something from each post. I currently don’t make
jewelry but I resell jewelry that I buy from wholesalers. Which
leads to my question.

Because of the encouragement on the Orchid forum I would like to try
making a few items that I plan on selling. I want to make a 3 strand
torsade (spelling?) style necklace using pearls and semi-precious
gemstone chips. I just want to ask your help in finding a good
supplier for the pearls. I checked the Thaigem site but I’m
disappointed that they don’t describe their pearls using the GIA
Pearl Grading System. For example, even their least expensive pearls
are described as posessing “fabulous luster”. Or “top color”. What
the heck does that mean? The photo’s aren’t large enough to tell you
much. So here are the questions I have:

  1. Has anybody here purchased pearls from Thaigem? Do you feel the
    price was fair?

  2. Are there any other pearl suppliers you could recommend?

I do not want the highest quality pearls since this is my first
project but I do want to get the best quality for the money.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

DanielBe Jewelry

Shogun Trading, 550 Mamaroneck Ave., Harrison, NY, 800-458-8004. Joe
Nakamura carries a deep inventory of loose pearls that I’m sure
would satisfy your needs.

Steve Burns

I would say it is difficult to describe the pearl quality on
website. Also some pearl association in Japan has been discussing
about grading system for many years.

However we still can not find right answer, because there are many
quality check points as luster, nacre, shape, color, spotted, etc.
Actually I can not say good luster yellow pearl is low grade pearl
as just color. Also high luster pearl which has few spots or
semi-round shape too. So if somebody is looking for really certain
quality and price range, he or she should visit the pearl dealer and
check the quality himself or herself.

I recommend “H.S. Strygler & Co., Inc.” in N.Y. which I was working.
They have good experience about pearls.

Regards, Yasu Matsuda
e-mail: @kobe-precious-pearl