Pearl sources in China

Hello All; I will be traveling to China in September and will be in
Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. Is anyone familiar with good
resources for high quality pearls in any of these cities? Any tips
will be much appreciated!

Many thanks from Coronado,
CA, where summer seems to have finally arrived!
Susan Ronan

The source of freshwater pearl in China is right at Wenling,
Zhejiang province. Or you can stay in Shanghai, they have two
trading centre one at Pearl Village, Tianyu Tower and another at
Pearl City, Shanghai Travelling Goods Building.


A good source for Chinese fresh-water pearls, in a vast quantity of
shapes, sizes, qualities and colors is:

	Tung Fat Trading Company
	Flat 6, 9th Floor, Hai Phong Mansion,
	53-55 Hai Phong Road,
	Tsim Sha Tsui,
	Kowloon, Hong Kong
	phone: 852 2722 7673-5
	fax: 852 2739 5032

The contact person is a woman named Doris Chau. She speaks English
and is completely reliable. I’ve bought from her for many years and
highly recommend her and the company.

They’re located on a short street opposite a large park–good place
to take your lunch and get away from the high density/high intensity
of Hong Kong streets!

Contact her and make an appointment before you arrive at the door or
you may not get in.

I have no connection with this company other than having been a very
satisfied client for a long time.

Wishing I were back in Asia…sigh…