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Pearl source?

Hello! I’m in search of another quality wholesale pearl source
that is reputable and dependable. I’m specifically looking for
undrilled 9.5-10.0mm black and white cultured pearls in A/B
grade. I have priced Rio Grande (still waiting for a response on
pricing for this size white pearl), Maurice Goldman & Sons, and
the web. The web did not offer much, and I’m a bit nervous
working with someone I’ve never heard of or who did not come
referred. So, I would greatly appreciate the experience and
knowledge of this group.

Thank you,


Try Ingebritson’s Gems and Jewelry in Houston @ 713-622-4780 -
5433 Westheimer St. Houston 77056. The lady there, Ia (EE-Ah) is
very nice and very knowledgeable about pearls, which they
specialize in. They have been in business about 30 years and have
an excellent reputation in the trade.

Ikeda Pearl in Los Angeles is well known and reputable as far as
I know.I don’t have the number, but you can call He
is in the Los Angeles jewelry district.


M. Lange Co.
139 N. Main St.
Oconomowoc, WI 53066

I have been using them for years. Ask for Sheri. And no, I did
spell the city correctly!

Design Force
Rockford, Illinois

I just looked it up on the net. It is Ikeda Pearl Company

                    550 S Hill St #680 Los Angeles CA 
                    213 623 9418 
                    FAX 213 623 6597

The URL that leads to LA jewelers

Jima Abbott / N. Calif./ @jica