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Pearl problem

I’m working on a project where I need several strands of 8, 9 and
10mm cultured pearls with drilled holes of 1.2 mm diameter. Does
anyone either know of 1) someone willing to drill these
larger-than-usual holes or 2) a wonderful device where the pearl is
placed in a secure location, and the hole is created?

I 've already tried an electric reamer as well as a drill bit on my

Thanks in advance for Orchid’s boundless supply of great


karen, please contact a and p trading in la really a good and a
reliable source for pearls.

give him my name virendra kumar and he will take care of you.

he is listed in jbt


Karen: I just got back from a visit to the Stachura Company in MA and
they showed me a really cool tool that holds your pearl secure while
you drill. I think it was only $5. You can visit their website at Since they are a family owned business,
they are very helpful on the phone. They also have wonderful pearls
at all prices.

Hope this helps.

Karen, I work with pearls quite often, and find it a simple matter to
enlarge holes with the appropriately sized bit in the flexshaft.
Reaming is better left for stone beads and the like. Lubricate the
bit with a little beeswax and holding the pearl with your fingers,
drill, removing the bit to remove debris and to cut down on heat
buildup. I do not find it necessary to either use a diamond bit, or
to drill with the pearl in water, or to dip the bit into water, and
have never done any heat damage to the pearls. HTH.

Susan Ronan
Coronado, CA.

hi karen. i have a wonderful pearl vise which i think you would
find invaluable for this project. it’s made by a french manufacturer
and cost about $14 a couple of years ago. if you have any trouble
finding one, please contact me and i’ll make a couple of inquiries
for you. lee wiser mcintosh 404.455.8989