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Pearl cement, heat application

Dear Orchid members,

I am running low on what I’ve always termed "french pearl cement"
and I can’t find a supplier that has ever heard of it. (I purchased a
supply of it about 30 years ago, it does last quite a while if one is
not specifically in the pearl jewelry business.) This type of cement
is a solid off-white material similar to shellac. It is used by
heating pearl and mounting peg to the softening/melting point of the
cement, filling the pearl hole with cement and assembling the hot
pearl onto the hot peg. The melting point of the cement is rather
critical. Any help will be appreciated.

Best regards,
Steven Parker

There are couple of natural thermoplastic cements that would fit the
bill, Gum Dammar and Lakeside 70c. Both used to in common use but
epoxy and synthetic thermoplastic resins are more popular these
days. Try a google search for lakeside resins and you should find
someone who can supply you with a suitable material.

Nick Royall