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Peach moonstone

laura - after i went into that long composition on
spectrolit/labradorite & rainbow moonstone, etc. i forgot about the
other moonstones: there are the ubiquitous white moonstones with the
’moon phase’ eye that moves (which gave moonstone its name since the
eye arched across the face of the cabbed piece like the moon going
across the sky), then there are so-called ‘black’ moonstones which
are just dark gray moonstones - in between are some shades of gray
that are often called ‘silver moonstones’ & then there are your peach
moonstones - all having the moon phase eye in a mother of pearl-ish
material. i find most of these needing a ‘pow-y wow-y design’ to give
them punch, but they could make nice enhancers for your aunties’
pearls. ive