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PDS on line


Hi Everyone, Here’s some important news:

Not Just Another Pricing Lecture: A Dialog About Pricing Your Work
was the featured program at the 2010 Professional Development
Seminar held recently at the SNAG Conference in Houston.

The PowerPoint Presentations by our speakers and the Question and
Answer Discussion with the audience were recorded.

These audio recordings were combined with the SlideShare
Presentation so you can experience the same PowerPoint presentations
that our audience saw in Houston.

The Podcast is a continuation of the discussion with our speakers
and the audience (audio only.)

This is the Professional Development Seminar’s inaugural attempt to
record the program and share this valuable with a larger
audience. The audio has been carefully edited by Harriete Estel
Berman. We sincerely hope that this will prove useful to
any artists who access either the Podcast or the SlideShare
Presentation. Both are now available on line for free at:

The Professional Development Seminar page on Harriete Estel Berman’s
web site.

It will also be available on the SNAG web site soon.

The next Professional Development Seminar will be held in Seattle
May 2011 (tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 28, 2011). Would
you like to help us organize the program, publicize our event and
edit future audio recordings? Andy Cooperman and Harriete Estel
Berman are looking for people with the following skills, talents or
qualities to participate on the PDS “Implementation Committee”.

Are you a:

-a metalsmith, jeweler, craftsperson or artist working outside of the
academic setting?
-a production, gallery or one-of-a-kind maker, working at the bench
or in the trade?
-a current or future SNAG member?

Do you have:

  • Illustrator skills?
  • Social networking skills?
  • Pod cast, audio editing skills?
  • Interest in assuming a leadership role in future years?

Well, if so, we need you! Please contact:

Harriete Estel Berman
650 571-7726


Hi Andrew,

I appreciated your post very much. For more than 30 long years I’ve
done custom work for groups of retail jewelers. Those were great
long term relationships with stores within driving distance of my
shop. I did work for the same people year after year, no selling on
my part, they brought the work and I would do it. Now I’d like to do
something a little different. I’ve been working on building a line
that is more suited for galleries or for gallery-like jewelers.
Making the jewelry is not a problem but making contact with and
selling to the galleries is something that I haven’t fully worked
out in my mind.

I’d be interested in the Orchid communities suggestions on how to
both source galleries and gallery-like jewelers that are too far away
for me to visit personally and how to qualify those retailers before
I contact them? What I mean by qualifying is with retail jewelers you
have the Jewelers Board of Trade to refer to for checking credit
worthiness, is there such a thing for galleries?

Thanks again Andrew.