Pave' Workshop with Blaine Lewis

Greetings Orchidians, I hope you are having a good summer. There are
three spaces open in: Pav and Thread Setting with Blaine Lewis; July
18- 19 (Fri-Sat); Wolf Designs, Portland, Maine $350 includes
mountings and stones. In this two day advanced class students will
view highly magnified live demos and practice the following
techniques: Thread Setting- single line of Pav straight and curved,
Pav, Advanced Pav. Students will learn how to prepare and sharpen a
variety of gravers. Jewelers will be amazed at how fast they learn in
this truly extraordinary class. Blaine Lewis is widely recognized as
the premier diamond setting instructor in the US today. He is the
director of New Approach School for Jewelers in Virginia Beach, VA.
He has taught over 1500 students throughout the US. He has guest
lectured for the Society of North American Goldsmiths, Education in
Motion (Rio Grande Tucson), AGTA, Kraftwerks and other professional
jewelry shows. Blaine innovated and redesigned stone setting
techniques for fragile colored stones. His video set ‘Classroom in a
Box- Bezel and Flush Setting’ has received critical acclaim. He
teaches using the high tech, live macro-video system that he
developed. Blaine is an incredibly effective instructor as well as a
delight to study with. I anticipate this class will be full by the
end of the week- so if you are interested call (207)871-1343 or email
me. Thanks! Best Regards, Kate Wolf, Portland, Maine

I agree with Kate about Blaine and his New Approach School for
Jewelers. I have no connection to the school beyond being a very
satisfied student.

Several years ago in Tucson I saw Blaine do a demo with the
macro-video set-up. I was amazed at how easily I could follow what
he was doing and describing. I knew then that when I was ready to
expand my limited self-taught skills in faceted stone setting that
this was the way to go.

This spring I had the pleasure of taking a 5 day class (level 1
stone setting) at New Approach and I was very satisfied. We had
everything necessary to accomplish the techniques he presented so
well. Blaine attends to each jeweler one-on-one as needed and his
positive attitude and patience are outstanding. The tips and tool
ideas are awesome as well.

That I exceeded my own expectations for the class is, in my opinion,
a result of the spectacular view we had of each process as well as
Blaine’s masterful demos and explanations.

Pam Chott
Song of the Phoenix