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Pave setting terminology

Hi all. its me again…:>)

On another web-forum this morning a fellow wanted to know just what
was Pave setting…well true to my word, I chimed in and explained
what it is. I figured I should pass this over to your files to read
and keep…(I am re-writting this unedited)

Pave’-ing diamonds is to drill holes…PRE-CUT the necessary pattern
around the stones… do all of the intricate seperating of beads and
then set these diamonds…“GIRDLE-TO-GIRDLE”…this is the correct
terminology of Pave’-ing stones. All done with the Onglette cutting
gravers, bead-raisers and burs.

“FLAT-WORK” is another word for ‘straight-line-cutting’…(my choice
of terms)…but then again, this can also be called “BRIGHT-CUTTING”,
or even “CUT-and-BEAD”. If some of my diamonds are too far apart, I
cut a pattern in between each of the diamonds.

Furthermore on this explanation of terms… you might even see little
mini-claws with a ‘psudeo’ pre-determined, pre-engraved edges done
in the original mold, and then the stones casted in wax… All the
setter has to do then is to simply use a Onglette sharpened graver
tool and put a simple ‘bright edge’ around the sides of the stone set
areas…and use a heavy millgrain edge to cover up any little
’abburations’ or miscasts in the metal, then he just burnishes over
the beads…but to me, this is not accurately called bright
cutting… So many terms for a simple (?) setting technique. There
is only one way to set stones, and that is to use your Gravers.

I sincerely hope that this aids to your knowledge of how stones are
set. This is no easy task, it only takes awhile to learn…as in 6-7
YEARS!!! and then add a few more years to perfect your own