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Pave Setting Demo at Missouri Jewellers Association

Dear all on Orchid!

I will be the Head Speaker and Demonstrator on Pave’ Setting at
"Missouri Jewelers and Watchmakers Association". It will be held in
University Plaza Hotel, Springfield, Missouri this weekend. If anyone
is a member or wants to join in “say, Hullo” I will have many of my
"Manuals" on hand.

I will be giving a few humourous side-bars as I chatter away. I find
that humour is one way of taking the seriousness out of hard

When I was at “Metalwerx” I just made every moment seem pleasant,
fun and interesting. These folks had so much to learn and absorb in
only 3 days of setting exposure. I had to instil some humour many
times to void the “duh’s and oy’s”…pity, some of them were
intimidated with so much Hence my humour in stories is
VERY essential in teaching, casual and relaxed atmosphere is a total

Gerry, the