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Pave and bead set diamond charges

Looking for some info on Stone setting charges for production runs.
Also looking for a domestic casting house who does stone in place
casting. Launching a new brand and need to set up some relationships
with casting, finishing houses. What is the going rate for bead set,
or pave diamond setting. smal l.02 to .03 ct. diamonds. have cad
created designs with beads in place, and holes drilled. Any info
would be appreciated



Diamond setting prices up here in Toronto the pricing is about $5.00
per stone. With the ever rising costs of burs, anything less is too
cheap! One setting shop is charging about $6.00 and sending out his
setting to independants for $3.50. Plus he wanted super 100+%
quality on top of it too, this was basically with Bright Cutting. You
pick the $$$ numbers!..

Gerry Lewy

I base my trade price for bead setting, as for most of my trade
work, on the Geller blue book retail prices X 1/3. Any store not
willing to pay for my work is welcome to go elsewhere. I have as
much work as I can handle.

Every time I have let an account go because they thought they could
get better prices elsewhere, another store has been more than
willing to send me their work. Often I have been approached later by
the original store that dropped me, trying to reopen their account,
because they found the work they got at lower prices lacked the
quality they were expecting.

I try to limit my trade work to a small portion of my volume any
way, and could have a lot more work if I was willing to work far
more hours than I am. I keep my prices at a level where it pays to do
the work, and will not let an account set any price. I need a new
account far less than retail jewelers need a craftsman that will do
a job right.

I have always said that any craftsman who has more work than they
can do, should raise their prices.

Works for us.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry and money.

Jo Haemer