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Pave’ (aka) Bead-Setting

Dear everyone!
A skilled Diamond Setter must know all of the rudiments of Diamond Setting. No matter if the stone size be 1.38 mm’s, or the (humongous) 15.01 mm’s, both being shown in this essay!
As for myself, I never rely upon Computer Aided (CAD) Designing to make my diamond setting easier.
Some of my associates in this profession, actually avoid projects if they are given simple bead-setting. I use my new phrase for them, as simply “prong-pushers” or just someone who is “securing gemstones with mini-claws”.
(I could teach my grand-daughters how to do this easy work).
In my humble opinion, a “Diamond Setter must literally know all the basics and all of the highly advanced levels.”…(as seen below)!
Some of these levels are know as “Fish-Tail“ and my favourite, “Cut-Down” Setting!
Both of these are highly artistic & very creative levels that separate a “Diamond Setter” to just being a ‘setter’.
In these two photographs are 2 cubic zirconias, each of them can be easily mounted into any metal. Each of them can be set with the greatest of ease, if you know how…:wink:


Gerry, when are you going to make more diamond setting videos with Rio Grande ?

Hi Johnnyyaz

Bead-Setting videos???

I’d be very pleased and of course happy…only if they ask me!

Maybe you can “rattle their cages” and let them know that I’m ready to do it, anytime!!!

Hi, Jerry

I bought all of your videos ! I believe it was six. It brought my diamond setting skills from a 7 to a 9.5…anyhow, I’ll glad you are doing well. I will definitely reach out to them. Take care my friend…

Sincerely yours, johnnyy

I had no income from your purchasing of my videos. My blog is also available to everyone for no charge.
All of my writings from years ago were given to all. Why do I do this? Let me just say that I want this to be a gift. My blog has about 128 essays with umpteen hundreds of photographs.

My blog is going to over 50 countries and has a readership of a mere 38,500 jewellers!.:wink:

Please let me know how you like it? Loads of many months of writing!!

Regards, eh?

Gerry, on my iPhone

Hi, Gerry…,

I could tell the love you have for the art of diamond setting. However, your skills & time

Are merit of compensation. Thanks, for the link ! I could imagine your skills have given you a lot in your life time and this is a small way to give back, God Bless !

Thanks, Johnny

Hi, Gerry

Hope the Diamond business is treating you

Well. Here is a question you might be able to answer. On pave setting, I see some setters undercut and some don’t. Could you explain why ? Greatly appreciate it…