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Paul Reilly has passed away

I have been waiting to see this posted but haven’t yet so, sadly,
I’ll go ahead.

Paul Reilly passed away this last week in Colorado Springs. I know
there were some on Orchid who knew Paul as a friend and neighbor.

I met Paul in my first jewelry class in college in Oneonta NY in
1978. He was the TA for the class. I remember his blue denim work
shirt and the belt buckle that he made-- wore it everyday, I can see
it still in his pictures on FaceBook. There is a picture of him on
his FB page in the jewelry studio back at school. It’s where artful
jewelry began for me.

We were great friends back in upstate NY. He and his wife Margie, my
wife Kim and I. We fished whenever we could, collected all manner of
critters (there’s a turtle in his house right now from those days),
shot pool and worked in our studios. He and Margie were at our
wedding. Our friendship extended through New Jersey and then out to

I hadn’t been in touch with Paul for a while but had reconnected
after his wife Margie passed away in 2008. My wife Kim and I drove
down from Denver to spend an afternoon with him. It was good to be
together again.

Paul loved to learn. He loved science, animals and making things.
There are people in your personal and professional lives who you will
always associate with what it is you do. Paul is one of those.


NO!!! I just “spoke” with Paul last week - he was SO excited about
teaching in Canada this coming summer!!! I am DEVASTATED!!! Do you
know where we can send condolences to please???

Paul was a superlative engraver - really, really stunning work…

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Please someone, tell me more. Paul and I had become far more than
deep friends. We never met face to face, we did have deep and
personal conversations over the last couple of years, after Margie

He so much wanted a strong relationship, and believed that with Joy,
obstacles and all, he now had it.

What happened?

His work was heart felt.

Oh so sadly,

I am very sorry to hear this. He was a good man.

James Binnion

I’m very sorry to hear this sad news. I never met Paul but we had
corresponded frequently as a result of Orchid. He was a tremendous
help to me, help that was volunteered, not asked for. I was very much
hoping to meet him this February and give him an eye to eye, firm
handshake thank you. I will be forever disappointed that I wasn’t
able to. My sincere condolences.


This has been a very sad period of time for those of us long on
Orchid. Beth Wicker’s mom left her pain and discomfort behind, and
with Beth singing to her, took her last breaths. This is/was a
difficult time for Beth.

Paul Reilly, I came to really know him after the unexpected very
early passing of his beloved wife Margie, some 2 plus years ago.
Paul spent a lot of time deep in despair. Our friendship developed
during that time, and we shared many emails. Never met face to face.

In recent times, a new love/friendship developed for Paul, and he
began to live and breathe again. We shared that with him, as he
really spread his joy with finding life again. I find personal joy
in knowing Paul, once again experienced physical love.

Sadly, it was short lived. Paul was in Colorado Springs, his love
Joy was in Calgary. Their times together were enough to determine
that together is what they wanted to be. Plans began to jell. Paul
would be in Canada by Summer. He was joyous and shared this with
Beth Wednesday morning.

It was not meant to be. Paul walked from his home toward his studio,
he never made it. A UPS delivery driver found him on the ground and
called for help. It was too late.

Andy Cooperman who, with his wife Kim were closely associated with
Margie and Paul since their class days in the 70’s shared some of
the above with me. Charles Lewton Brain also
contributed. Thanks to both of them.

Charles has spoken with Joy, it is hard for her. The life they had
planned together, not to be.

What I know so far is that there will be no services. Beth is
speaking with family to determine how we may express our selves, and
as soon as that is determined, charity, or Orchid, or an unknown, it
will be shared.

Paul Reilly was a sweet man, a long member of Orchid, friend to
many. His passing should not be so quiet. He was only 55.