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Patterned wire source

Can anyone recommend a good source for patterned wire? Rio has some
but the selection doesn’t thrill me and I thought someone out there
might be able to recommend an alternate source. I’m specifically
looking for gold or sterling, narrow width. I’d be happy with half
round but if someone knew of a supplier of patterned round wire it
would be even better.

Thanks so much,
Joanna Francis


Cooksons in England has some different patterns…their web is: but I’m also looking for alternative
suppliers of different patterns, so I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

Steve Holden


Try Metalliferous in NYC for sterling patterned wire. They have a
very nice selection. If you can get in to their shop physically,
it’s great! If not, they have a catalog online – the images aren’t
great but their product quality and prices are excellent.

Warning - they can be a bit “abrupt” in manners – just their way of
working. They give good service when it comes down to it.

Hope this helps,
Karen Goeller

Hi Joanna,

Can anyone recommend a good source for patterned wire?<< 

Try Hoover and Strong ( or Stuller

They both have patterned wire in their catalogs in many different
shapes & sizes in both silver & gold.