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Pattern wire and ring blanks

Hi All, We’re looking for a good source for sterling & 14k pattern
wire and ring blanks. We’ve been using Rio, but they’ve discontinued
some of our favorite patterns over the years. Most recently they’ve
dropped a ring blank with an Ivy pattern that our customers were
particularly fond of.

Does anyone have a good, reliable source for pattern wire & ring
blanks they’d care to share? (please?)

Bonnie & Tom Franklin

Tom, Try Metalliferous at 1-212-944-0909. They show about 18 different
pattern wires and 25 different ring blanks in their catalog. Joel
Schwalb @Joel_Schwalb

Have you tried David Fell Co.? They advertise in Lapidary Journal,
they are at: 1-800-822-1996, PO box 910952, LA,California 90091-0952.
They will not have the ring blanks.

Millard Wire in Rhode Island has a fantabulous pattern wire catalog
that I drool over. Downside…you must buy 200 ( yep, that’s 2
hundred)ounces of any one pattern. I have begged and pleaded with
them to do smaller amounts. I have offered to pay more, I have
offered my first born …to no avail. Alas, I bought a rolling mill
with wire pattern rollers to roll my own wire. Godd luck, Suzanne

Hi Bonnie and Tom Franklin, In response to your request for a source
for ring blanks…might I suggest that you make a “model” of
particular ring blanks you use often and send them to someone like us
who can mold them and reproduce them for you in gold and silver. This
way, you don’t have to rely on a catalog company to carry them in
stock and also would give you the ability to design your own
"exclusive " ring blanks to be used in your own stores.

Daniel Grandi
we do casting,finishing in gold, silver, brass, bronze
and pewter as well as cnc model work from your designs
Racecar Jewelry Co. Inc.
52 Glen Rd.
Cranston, RI. 02920
Tel: 401-461-7803