Patinate by heat-oxidation?

Hi, I’m new to jewelry and metal work, and I have a very basic

The other day I stamped and then annealed a sterling washer. After
annealing, I scrubbed the disk with fine steel wool and then then
polished with an emery-impregnated rubber disk. This left a nice dark
color in the stamped areas and a soft, shiny silver color in the
higher areas of the washer. It now looks a lot like it would if it
was treated with liver of sulfer, and I didn’t have to use any
chemicals. Is this an acceptable (durable) means of adding depth? I
would like to be able to get the patina effect without using
chemicals. I did search the site for any reference to adding color
with heat, but didn’t find anything. Any advise/comments?

Thanks much


I suspect that the dark recesses are deposits of polishing compound
and will not be durable. Clean the disc with ammonia as is the
appropriate procedure after polishing. IF the recesses stay dark, you
should be good to go.

Judy in Kansas