Patina recipies for copper

I would love to have some patina recipies for copper. Thanks for your
suggestions. I’m ramping up for an out of town show, next weekend, so
I don’t have time to try them until then. But I have copper sheet
sitting an waiting for projects and etching was top on my list.

the Howling Artist

There are some in The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight, and he
has another little book called Japanese Patinas that is so cool.
Really different stuff you might not have heard of.

Of course the big book on the topic is the expensive, The
Colouration and Patiniation of Metals. Very cool though, lots of
color pages showing the finished products.

And, to buy pre-made stuff, check out Sculpt Nuveau.



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Basic copper and copper alloy fuming

This should be an interesting thread. Does anyone know what
percentage of copper in an alloy is necessary to use patination
techniques or if there are inhibitor metals for those processes? I’d
like to r&d this if no one knows.

Cleaning my studio yesterday, I found this great booklet,

Coloring Base Metals, by Christine Cox, forward by Tim McCreight. It
has color pictures; 34 pages, 24 recipes.