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Patina masking

I was asked today about ways to mask work while developing patinas. I
didn’t have a really good answer because it involved Rokusho which
is applied as a hot process. Our Plater’s Tape, vinyl and other
tapes would work. What about liquid masks for more complicated
shapes? I see the problem as two fold. 1, It must withstand the heat
and chemicals. 2, It must be removable without degrading the new
patina. Thanks all, Bill

Bill, Deborah & Michele
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc
928-634-3434, 800-876-3434, 928-634-6734fx

I use a product made in the UK called cool’s a masque pen and
withstands the heat of a quick solder or enough heat to change the
colour of silver just into the blue range.I have also used plain old
yellow ochre and water…with predictable results…the trick is to
seal the patina with a light coating of renaissance wax, enjen joes
"polymer",bay or myrtle wax, or whatever your waxy preference is
before holding the piece under tepid water to rinse off the ochre…
Kool jool works adequately if you can get it to the right shape you
need and then get it to stick onto your work- a true feat! Even zinc
oxide paste will work if painted on and allowed to dry a bit (as
will titanium dioxide or chinese white) Oh, by the way, ruby-lith
masque in pen form does not work- but ruins a great patina nicely!